Last updated: 30/05/23


Our products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months, notwithstanding normal wear and tear. If your DEWALT product doesn’t perform to your satisfaction, return it to the retailer you purchased it from. If you purchased the product directly from this site please get in touch via the contact form submission found here.


By regularly treating your DEWALT footwear with cleaners and re-proofers you are assured extended  comfort and performance from your footwear.


Never put footwear in a washing machine. Wash off any mud and dirt using a nylon brush and warm water. A technical footwear wash or gel can be applied to remove more worn in dirt and oils (do not use a detergent, consult your local DEWALT stockist for further advise). Footbeds and laces are removable and can be machine washed on a 40° gentle cycle using non-biological detergent. If your footwear has leather collar linings, these should also be cleaned with warm water and a cloth.


Whilst the waterproof/breathable membrane forms the lining of the boots it is important to keep the upper materials water repellent in order to maintain total performance. After cleaning the boots apply an appropriate re-proofing agent suitable for footwear with membranes; for leather uppers or leathers and fabric depending on the materials in your footwear.


Dry footwear at room temperature, away from direct heat or strong direct sunlight. Stuffing with newspaper then changing the paper after a few hours will speed up the process.


Leather is a natural material and will dry over time, applying a leather conditioner will help keep leathers nourished and supple, extending the life and performance of your footwear.

DEWALT Aftercare

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