Pro-Stretch Workwear

Pro-Stretch Workwear

Not all workwear is created equally.

The Pro-Stretch range from DEWALT Workwear is specifically designed to move with your body and maximise movement and comfort. Read on to discover the elements involved in the creation of a Pro-Stretch product.


One of the key areas of the Pro-Stretch range is the use of materials in the construction of the product. These materials allows the product to stretch when required, and return to their original shape during normal use.

The main ingredients used to provide this are Nylon and Elastane.

Nylon strengthens the material it is blended with by allowing it to stretch. This enhances the Pro-Stretch workwear whilst keeping it lightweight.


Why does it matter if a product stretches or not? 

We sought out feedback from tradesmen to find out how we could improve workwear. The most common feedback involved the difficulty of workwear getting in the way. Constantly needing to adjust the fit depending on each site or job would often lead to discomfort whilst bending or making irregular movements. 

This was one of the key areas we looked to remedy. Not only does Pro-Stretch provide a better fit, it enhances comfort by moving with your body, resulting in less straining and less adjustments throughout the working day. 

We introduced Nylon in the construction of the workwear, making it lighter than their non-stretch traditional counterparts.
A reduction in weight means you feel less fatigue, allowing you to work harder for longer. 

View the Pro-Stretch range here

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